Chambers Bay Distillery

Greenhorn Barrel Club


Secure your supply of thirty six (36) 375ml bottles of Greenhorn Bourbon at a 10% discount from the retail bottle price.

What You Get: 

  •      Thirty six (36#) 375ml bottles (aka metric pints) of the golf medal award winning Greenhorn Bourbon.*

  •      The option to have your name/design branded on the 20 liter barrel & to buy your barrel at a discount.

  •      Barrel “visitation” rights & the opportunity to help bottle your bourbon.

  •      Special recognition as a member of the Greenhorn Barrel Club in our tasting room and on our website. 

  •      Specially designated  “Barrel Club” bottles of Greenhorn Bourbon.

  •      Invitation to product pre-release events, including the Greenhorn bourbon pre-release.


                                   Greenhorn Bourbon  Gold medal - 2016 San Francisco World Spirits Competition

                                   Greenhorn Bourbon

Gold medal - 2016 San Francisco World Spirits Competition





More Details:

 Truly unique, Greenhorn Bourbon is created from a mash bill of sweet yellow corn, soft white wheat, and malted barley, fermented with a local wild-yeast strain derived from an apple orchard, and aged in a floating boathouse on Puget Sound. Your bourbon will be barreled within eight weeks of receipt of your down payment. Your bourbon will aged in our boathouse for 20-22 months, dependent on flavor profile. Your bottles of Greenhorn Bourbon will be delivered no later than 23 months after initial payment.



The Price:
Down Payment:


Final Payment (due at bottling):


Total Cost:


 - $29.61 per bottle - Includes taxes  - 

(a 14% discount from retail price of $34.55/bottle)


Due to our limited capacity, CBD Barrel Club membership will be limited to one new members per month. Prospective Barrel Club members will be accepted on a first come, first served basis.  


*The 375ml Greenhorn bottles are half the size of the standard 750ml "fifth". As such, the total 13.5 liters of bourbon equates to 1.5 standard 9-liter cases (i.e. 12# 750ml case). Greenhorn barrel club members will receive 36# 350ml bottles packed in 12 bottle cases (3# 4.5-liter cases).


Alan Davis
(253) 292-5962, x3