Chambers Bay Straight Bourbon (11/11/17)

land crafted, ocean aged




Our approach to making whiskey combines a healthy respect for traditional methods with the innovative spirit and natural resources of the Pacific Northwest. All of our bourbon whiskies are crafted grain-to-bottle on premise.

As our flagship spirit, Chambers Bay Straight Bourbon is the core expression of our wheated-bourbon. By using wheat as the secondary grain in our mash bill we produce a sweet bourbon—a flavor profile that pairs well with the salty sea air to which it's exposed during the aging process. As the older sibling of our Greenhorn Bourbon, CBD Straight Bourbon is aged 3+ years in a floating boathouse atop Puget Sound—aged longer atop the water than any whiskey in the World.


The Ingredients - local

Truly a locally-crafted bourbon, Greenhorn is made using Cascade mountain water,  the highest-quality sweet yellow corn and soft white wheat from Grant County, Wash., and our own proprietary wild-yeast strain harvested from a local apple orchard. You could say we produce our bourbon yeast-to-bottle.

The Aging Process - hydrokinetic

Harnessing the power of the sea, this bourbon is aged in one of our floating boathouses on Puget Sound. The wave and tidal movement created by the hydrokinetic energy expedites the aging process by increasing the interaction of the spirit and the wood inside our charred new american-oak barrels. The sea also enhances our bourbon with a subtle note of sea salt.

The Result - salted caramel

CBD Straight Bourbon has a sweet caramel nose and a sea-salted caramel/toasted oak flavor profile mature beyond its years.

Flavor Profile

Sea-Salted Caramel & Toffee, with hints of Toasted Oak, Fig, Candied Orange Peel, and Dark Chocolate


CBD Straight Bourbon is bottled at 95 Proof (47.5% alc./vol.)









Cameron Holck - The Whiskey Wash (

June 2018

Appearance: Wild flower honey.

Nose: Green fruits such as melon and apple. Wheat comes through in a big way as a the sweetness carries pleasant tropical spice and a hint of apple blossom.

Palate: Rather delicious from the start, fresh cut wood is prevalent. Pleasantly soft, especially for a three-year bourbon. 

"This is an impressive whiskey. It's delicious at only three years old. Chambers Bay Distillery set out to make something delicious, and it worked pretty much the first time..."



Mark Gillespie - WhiskyCast (

March, 2018

Country: USA
Region: Washington
Type: Bourbon
Bottler: Distiller
ABV: 47.5%
Score: 89 points

Chambers Bay Straight Bourbon. This whisky from Washington’s Chambers Bay Distillery uses locally grown grains and yeast in fermenting and distilling, and is matured for three years in rickhouses floating on the bay. The nose has good notes of caramel and charred oak, along with hints of molasses and dark chocolate. The taste has good spices with black pepper and chili powder balanced by molasses, caramel, baking chocolate, and vanilla. The finish is long with touches of baking chocolate and caramel. (March, 2018)




Steve Akley - The ABV Network (

December, 2017

Chambers Bay Distillery  - Straight Bourbon Whiskey         

Mash Bill: Corn (71%), Wheat (19%) & Malted Barley (10%)    Age: 3+ Years    Bottle Size: 375 ml                                   

Price (Suggest MSRP): $39.95    Proof: 95    Barrel Size: 25 Gallons

Interesting Note: Aged in a barrel in a floating boathouse atop the Puget Sound.

"Nosing this one, it's certainly a caramel bomb...I have to tell you that it is very pleasantly surprising how complex this offering yields when you sample it. After the sweet of the wheat grabs you it yields to a birthday cake, citrus, vanilla, caramel with soft notes of wheat and oak. It heats up your tongue and throat with just the right amount of sting. 

Chambers Bay certainly has a winner here. My recommendation is, if you see it... grab it!"

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