Thank you family, friends, and customers!

With the holidays approaching, we just wanted to step back from the still and fermentation tanks for a moment and thank you all for your support—you have helped to make our goal of creating Chambers Bay Distillery a reality. Our continued goal is to bring uniquely local, high-quality spirits to all of you. Thanks again, and wishing you all the best over this holiday season!

We also wanted to provide you with a quick update: We released Ghost Dog Whiskey in June and it is now available at 40 establishments in Pierce County. In early 2016 we plan to make Ghost Dog available in King County (and beyond) and release Rán vodka. See the side bar for an update on Greenhorn Bourbon.

Jeff & Alan


Greenhorn Bourbon Update

Greenhorn Bourbon—the first expression of our boathouse-aged bourbon—will be available in mid-December. We had hoped to launch Greenhorn before Thanksgiving but vendor delays have pushed out the release. We appreciate your patience. Stay tuned. We promise it'll be worth the wait!


Barrel Club memberships still available

Greenhorn Barrel Club members get their own hand-decorated 20-liter barrel of our truly unique boathouse-aged bourbon as well as the opportunity to be a part of the bourbon making process. GBC bourbon is aged to each member’s specifications in the VIP section of our boathouse; members are granted quarterly barrel visits to assess how their bourbon is maturing. Barrel Club membership is a great way to support our continued growth while also securing an ample supply of our bourbon which will be in very limited supply for the foreseeable future. For more details visit our website, call us at 253-292-5962, or visit us at the distillery.

Greenhorn Barrel Club VIP section of the boathouse

Greenhorn Barrel Club VIP section of the boathouse