CBD Launches Barrel Purchase Program

Pre-buy a 20 liter barrel of Greenhorn Bourbon

Ahoy friends of Chambers Bay Distillery: 
Our first batch bourbon is finally coming of age and we are excited to share it with you this fall. With the inaugural bottling of Greenhorn Bourbon just a couple months away, we thought it would be a good time to give you an update on how our bourbon is aging and, for those who might be interested, the opportunity to secure a future supply of our bourbon.

In a recent visit to the Chambers Bay Distillery boathouse, Jeff and Alan had the opportunity to sample 11 micro-barrels of bourbon that were barreled in June and July of 2014. After tasting these year-old barrels, they came away convinced that these heavily charred new American oak barrels floating atop Puget Sound will produce excellent bourbon when bottled as part of CBD's inaugural bourbon release this fall. Given the rich salted-caramel notes, some distilleries would bottle this bourbon today. CBD, however, has set the bar high and will let the barrels (and Puget Sound) impart a few more months of influence to round out the flavor profile.

Besides having to wait a few more months, the only bad news for our bourbon-loving customers: Once released, Greenhorn Bourbon will be in very limited supply for the next couple of years. As such, we created the Greenhorn Barrel Club as a way for some customers to secure an ample supply of Greenhorn Bourbon and to help finance our inaugural bourbon release this fall. In addition, club members will have the first opportunity to purchase Greenhorn Bourbon when released.

Benefits of joining the Greenhorn Barrel Club:

  • Secure a future supply of 50# 375ml bottles of Greenhorn Bourbon at a discounted price.
  • Barrel visitation rights.
  • The opportunity to help bottle your bourbon.
  • Special recognition as a Greenhorn Barrel Club Member.
  • Invitation to product pre-release events, including the Greenhorn Bourbon pre-release this fall.

*Due to limited capacity, Greenhorn Barrel Club membership will be limited to a handful of new members per month. Prospective Barrel Club members will be accepted on a first come, first served basis. 

Please contact Alan Davis or visit http://chambersbaydistillery.com/barrel-club-details for more information.

Alan Davis
(253) 292-5962